William Dowbush B. Mus.

When Bridges Church decided to look for a new piano, as the pianist I knew that there were a myriad of options to choose from. However, I quickly shortened the list by stipulating that the piano we would acquire would be American made. Among the brands a the top of the list was Baldwin, and for two reasons. One, the Baldwin L in my home is the piano that brought me through my degree program in piano at the University of Calgary, and two, this very piano was purchased from Brian Schmidt’s gallery after what was a very pleasant sales experience. Upon learning of Brian’s new store on Macleod Trail and the American line of Mason and Hamlin pianos that he now deals in, Piano Gallery was my first (and last) destination in the search for a piano.

The first instrument that Brian had me play was the 9′ 4″ Mason and Hamlin CC. Quite seriously, within three seconds of playing, I was totally captivated by the rich tone and the responsive action. Further exploration of the instrument revealed the most powerful and yet also the most highly controllable bass that I have ever encountered. Each range of the keyboard sounds in wonderful balance to its counterparts. The lower tones of the piano are fully capable of supporting the melodies played above yet retain the clarity necessary to draw attention to the bass when required. Among the pianos that I have played are the Steinway D and the Yamaha CFIIIS as well as smaller models by these names and others. The Mason and Hamlin CC surpasses each of these in tone, clarity, balance, responsiveness and power.

As it turned out, the instrument in the showroom was spoken for before we had a chance to make a move. However, Brian got in touch with the factory in Boston and arranged for our new Mason and Hamlin CC to be delivered directly to the church, promising that the consistency of the manufacturer was second to none.

To our joy and delight, our new piano arrived from the factory and sounded every bit as perfect as what was heard in the showroom. The piano needed no voicing or preparation work of any kind thanks to the superior craftsmanship and standards of Mason and Hamlin. The instrument continually pleases and inspires all those who hear it.

Thank you Brian for the first class customer service, and for bringing to us the finest sounding instrument available.

William Dowbush B. Mus.
( Chief Musician – Bridges Church)