Shannon Fisher

I was lucky enough to receive the gift of a grand piano from my husband for our anniversary!….now how to pick and buy one? A daunting task for the novice. I tried a couple of different stores, but found that the Piano Gallery was the best fit.I had a very relaxed, no pressure shopping experience.
Brian made himself available to answer very knowledgeably any and all questions that we had…while at the same time leaving us alone to try all the pianos in the store. My husband and I immediately fell in love with the sound and tone of the Hailun brand. At this point Brian was able to tell us tons about the brand, and why it has the sound it does. I decided on a 5 foot, and was so happy there was no pressure to change my mind, or convince me to go bigger. Brian showed a real respect for my feeling of what was right for me and my home and family.
I would highly recommend this store to anyone shopping for any size of piano!!