Brent Stewart

I can only say that I was super impressed with the service I received at Calgary Piano Gallery. Brian Schmidt really allowed me to explore all aspects of my piano search, including looking at the piano from underneath (yes, I actually got down on the ground and crawled under the piano to study the ribbing and see just how solid it was and what types of wood were used, and to study the thickness of the inner rim, which you cannot see from above at all, for the soundboard sits on it). He understood how picky I was and what I was looking for. And he allowed me to go through my entire journey of discovery to find the piano best suited for me.

Ultimately, I purchased a Hailun piano that was 5 feet. It sounded wonderful, but like all pianos needed a touch of regulation, a bit of voicing, and to be tuned again after it was in my home for a while. But I was completely content with what I ultimately purchased (and I must mention that Hailun has a 15 year warrantee, which I believe is the longest warrantee on all parts and labor to fix the piano should something go wrong). He was very patient with my plethora of emails asking everything imaginable. And he was more than understanding of my situation where I was limited in time I could investigate in person (because of responsibilities dealing with my mother). So, when I actually got to his store, he was ready to help me with my choice, a choice he actually left totally to me without a single moment of pressure one way or the other.

I cannot speak too highly either of the service he gave dealing with finances. He truly cared about his customers and their satisfaction.