Ann McGill

I retired in 2013, and decided that in retirement I would pursue a lifelong ambition, and learn to play the piano. I bought a lovely electronic piano, and began grade one of the Royal Conservatory program.
Last June, after completing grade three, my music teacher suggested that if I were serious about continuing with my studies, I should buy an acoustic piano.
My husband and I began our search for the “perfect” piano, and during this search I played many. On one of our shopping trips, we visited the Piano Gallery, and met Brian Schmidt.
Brian was friendly and extremely knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions, and encouraged me to play a number of pianos in his gallery. One of the pianos I played was a Bernhard-Steiner baby grand piano he had on consignment. After playing it I decided I had found the “perfect “one for me. The tone is full and rich, and it is beautiful.
Brian arranged for delivery, and accompanied the piano movers to our home to ensure that the process went smoothly. He has also provided excellent follow up service, and is available for any questions or concerns post sale. We are very happy with our purchase, and I’m looking forward to enjoying this piano for many years.