M. Kath

As a little child I always wanted to learn how to play the piano. My dad told me he would buy me a piano but whatever I started I needed to finish. Little did I know that I would become accomplished enough to be a music teacher and own my own music school, “Bearspaw School of Music and Art”. I began my piano lessons on an upright piano but always wanted a grand piano.


My dad told me that once I completed my qualifications he would buy me a grand piano. Upon much research I was very impressed with the owner of Piano Gallery, Mr. Brian Schmidt. My dream was about to come true. My dream piano, a 6′-8″ grand piano was delivered on January 02, 2008. Mr. Schmidt was kind enough to offer his service by after hour appointment. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and concerned about the commitment to his customers. I would recommend Brian Schmidt, his values, integrity, honesty, and true commitment to anyone who is looking for quality well manufactured and priced pianos.