Cidell Crawford

While renovating our home we wanted to fulfill a lifelong dream of purchasing a grand piano. We have 7 children that all play and sing, and I teach voice. We went to several piano stores in southern Alberta and played on many pianos. We loved meeting Brian and appreciated his warmth and passion for his instruments, but it was when we played on his 6’10” Estonia that I fell in love. The beautiful clean middle and high notes and warm bass spoke to me, and we are thrilled with the music it brings to our home.
We wanted the right piano: something unique and of lasting quality. We even looked at Steinways knowing that they were outside our price range, just to see what we’d be missing. The idea of having a handmade European piano was my dream since singing with Steinways and Bosendorfers at University. When we found the Estonia and learned about it’s history, the choral tradition of the country, and that it was handmade in Estonia itself, we thought we had found a hidden treasure. We are so grateful to Brian and The Piano Gallery for not only our piano, but his continued connection and interest in our family and serving our needs. We highly recommend him!