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Brent Stewart

I can only say that I was super impressed with the service I received at Calgary Piano Gallery. Brian Schmidt really allowed me to explore all aspects of my piano search, including looking at the piano from underneath (yes, I actually got down on the ground and crawled under the piano to study the ribbing […]

Shannon Fisher

I was lucky enough to receive the gift of a grand piano from my husband for our anniversary!….now how to pick and buy one? A daunting task for the novice. I tried a couple of different stores, but found that the Piano Gallery was the best fit.I had a very relaxed, no pressure shopping experience. […]

Rachel. B

I really appreciated the way things were handled when buying my piano. Piano Gallery had a well-rounded selection of different pianos to fit a variety of budgets and tastes. Brian was friendly and informative but never pushy. I had plenty of time by myself to test out the pianos without pressure, and took multiple trips […]