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Cidell Crawford

While renovating our home we wanted to fulfill a lifelong dream of purchasing a grand piano. We have 7 children that all play and sing, and I teach voice. We went to several piano stores in southern Alberta and played on many pianos. We loved meeting Brian and appreciated his warmth and passion for his […]

Ann McGill

I retired in 2013, and decided that in retirement I would pursue a lifelong ambition, and learn to play the piano. I bought a lovely electronic piano, and began grade one of the Royal Conservatory program. Last June, after completing grade three, my music teacher suggested that if I were serious about continuing with my […]

Brent Stewart

I can only say that I was super impressed with the service I received at Calgary Piano Gallery. Brian Schmidt really allowed me to explore all aspects of my piano search, including looking at the piano from underneath (yes, I actually got down on the ground and crawled under the piano to study the ribbing […]