Alexander Malikov

My name is Alexander Malikov. I am from Calgary, Alberta, and I am a piano student at the Oberlin College in Ohio, working toward my Bachelor of Music Performance under Angela Cheng. This past summer, I have made an investment to buy a baby grand piano for home practice, as I spend a few months of the academic year at home with no instrument to work at.


I traveled to several stores in Calgary in order to find an instrument that would not only fit our home and budget, but one that would also possess the qualities of a fine concert grand. My pursuits have ended when I entered the Piano Gallery, and met Brian Schmidt who has featured to me an impressive collection of pianos from a brand name that was completely new to me.


I was instantly in love with the instruments. After having tried each one of them and having learned a great deal about the Hailun Company, I chose myself the instrument I was looking for. It presented itself with a silky, warm, yet powerful sound, a delightful ease in control yet a healthy amount of resistance in the action, and an overall maturity and of a much larger instrument than it actually was. This is an instrument of a rare quality one may be extremely lucky to find. It is a rare gem, one that will enrich the future generation of pianists for many years to come. I am very thrilled to possess a Hailun instrument, and looking forward to preparing my future engagements in solo recitals and competitions on this very piano.