Warren Jiang

I am a 13-year old Level 10 piano student. I have made a recent purchase of a 5′ 10″ Hailun, which now graces my living room and it is an excellent instrument to play. It has a warm, rich sound, especially in the bass section. It is also a solid grand piano with attention to […]

J. Miller

My husband and I custom ordered a Hailun grand piano (5’ 10”) in black satin with bird’s eye maple wood trim inside. It is truly a beautiful instrument with amazing tone and key response. We shopped all the other stores in Calgary looking at Yamaha, Boston, Steinway and various others and decided that the Hailun […]

William Dowbush B. Mus.

When Bridges Church decided to look for a new piano, as the pianist I knew that there were a myriad of options to choose from. However, I quickly shortened the list by stipulating that the piano we would acquire would be American made. Among the brands a the top of the list was Baldwin, and […]