M. Kath

As a little child I always wanted to learn how to play the piano. My dad told me he would buy me a piano but whatever I started I needed to finish. Little did I know that I would become accomplished enough to be a music teacher and own my own music school, “Bearspaw School […]

D. Rabel

My dream was to own and play a grand piano. In my search, we visited the five main piano retailers in Calgary and found that they all seemed to want to just sell me a piano, but I did not want to just buy a piano. Such was the case until we went to Piano […]

Eric Miller

I teach piano and have been playing for 10 years. I am completely blown away by the quality of my Hailun grand piano! Before coming across Hailun, our family was convinced that Yamaha would be the way to go. They had nice tone, good touch, and good response. I changed my mind after Brian sat […]